Posted by: aajhiggs | March 3, 2011

Our finalists picture



  1. From left to right: Fr. Michael O’Donoghue, Julia Olsen (RE:generate), Victoria Needle and Stephen Kearney (RE:generate)

    “We are excited by this project. This is a unique opportunity for the Holy Trinity Partnership – comprising of the Holy Trinity parish, school and community centre – to expand more widely into the Newark community, particularly the Hawtonville estate and surrounding villages” Fr. Michael O’Donoghue

  2. This is a lovely remembrance of the day we went to hear that Holy Trinity Community and Partnership Centre had been chosen as a pilit project in the Neighbourhood Challenge. The official photographer very kindly used my digital camera to capture the moment also and The Newark Advertiser was given a copy to publicise our achievement. I am very conscious that the real work is ahead.

  3. We are delighted to be supporting the Holy Trinity Parish in their efforts to reach the community and open up the parish facilities and networks to the people of the area.
    To develop this work as a partner we will be using the Community Organising approach known as Root Solution Listening Matters. A strategy for action designed to hear the views of hundreds of people, encourage everyone to take actions small and large. We will find people in all corners of the town and surrounds who want to get involved in the community. Some will simply use facilites and projects as they develop, some will listen to members of their family and community, some will develop projects in response to their concerns and some will volunteer for their favourite cause. Some will become key community leaders who will use the network in the community for the benefit of the whole area.

    The network will grow and will become a powerful centre for local action that will work in partnership with the authorities and agencies to transform the community for good.

    We are looking forward to working with the local agencies and authority and the private sector on the neighbourhood challenge.

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