Posted by: Neighbourhood Challenge | March 12, 2011

12 March, 2011 00:27

Q: What’s been going well so far and why?

A flying start that has left me breathless!
The partnership is getting itself well and truly organised and taking its responsibilities very seriously. Arrangements have been made with NCVO team an Icarus and the contract has been pored over and milestones developed. We had a fantastic gathering on Tuesday this week – with with 62 people from all across the parish coming to the Parish Centre to hear about the neighbourhood challenge and what it might mean for their communities.

Q: What are the most challenging things you’ve faced so far and why?

The contract – it’s scary for people to be faced with terminology and jargon and things like state aid and clawback. Of course we all understand about “public money” and being accountable , but It makes everything seem very risky and onerous and induces anxiety

Q: How have the community been involved in the project set up so far?

The parish community has been hearing hints about the Listening Matters and community animating approach – through Father Michael spreading the word from the pulpit, in the school, with the travellers and on the golf course! Other members of the team have been chatting to colleagues in the local voluntary organisations, in businesses and in the local council. There’s a great team spirit developing. A good crowd had a taste of what listening can do to mobilise interest and start to build connections that can make things happen. The REgenerate team helped start the ball rolling with an introduction to Listening Matters that produced a rich picture of what matters to people in Newark – loves, concerns, aspirations ideas – and lots of contacts and e-mail addresses to connect us into the neighbourhood! A lively debate about what’s not working and what needs to be changed – and what stops people having a say or wanting to engage.

Q: Has anything surprising happened, within or around your project so far?

So much interest at the very first event – it was packed, and everyone was engaged. That there’s already signs of real interest and potential support from across the board ….. To be introduced to so many people so soon who genuinely understand and care about their neighbourhood and their neighbours and want to be involved.



  1. Fantastic to hear things are going on already! Lovely to hear from your project and understand how it is all coming together and what is on your mind at the moment…! If there’s anything I can help with on contracts do just drop me an email! 🙂

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