Posted by: Neighbourhood Challenge | March 14, 2011

Justice and Peace in the Nottingham Diocese

My first attempt at BLOG

I am attaching this picture taken at our very special meeting with 60 volunteers at Holy Trinity Community & Partnership Centre, I am glad that this picture of Tony Prior (elegant beard) can be posted on our blog. Tony alerted me to the Neighbourhood Challenge at the Diocesan Justice & Peace AGM when RE:generate led a workshop. This reminded me of the type of work I used to do with young people between 1980 and 1991 at The Briars Training Centre in Crich, Derbyshire. Working in the community is quite different to residential education but the same human heart beats and longs for greater things whether on an educational holiday or on the stressful way to work. It is easier to build trust when people have time to reflect. The relationship between Tony Prior and myself with his ability to link the Holy Trinity Community & Partnership Centre with the skilled working of RE:generate has been a masterful stroke.
The most challenges we have had to face were the terms of the contract particularly as we are in partnership. We are used to deciding our own destiny but we have to learn to share in the wisdom of others and also ensure that our own treasure is not forgotten. Learning to let go can be very painful.
A good feature article carried in the local paper, The Newark Advertiser, alerted many people to the project. I notice that a cutting from the paper is on a prominent notice board in our cross phase school at All Saints’ in Mansfield. Our weekly newsletter has gently fed the people with hints of what is involved and emails to key people in the parish and town brought a good response for a plenary session on March 8th.

There are a number of surprising revelations: I have found out more about peoples working lives and what they entail. People have emerged to help in reducing the fear factor of a new venture while others have stepped back and are biding their time. I have been in the comfort zone with my Word Processing and emails since 1982 but knew absolutely nothing about blogging or other methods of linking with the outside world: it’s exciting and I hope it will breathe new life into my work in the community.

Fr Michael O’Donoghue
Holy Trinity Church
Boundary Road
NG24 4AU

Tel: 01636 704936
Email: FMJOD


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