Posted by: nickgardham | May 20, 2011

Planning and Discussion 17/05/2011

After a very hectic day in the office Nick and I arranged a meeting to discuss the progress made so far and where we needed to go next. Also to clarify my role in the parish, RE:generate and the Neighbourhood Challenge project.  

Nick and I discussed the upcoming training sessions with ICARUS, Talkaboutlocal training and the next set of Listening Matters training. We sorted out the requirements for all of these from each of us. At the last Listening Matters training session we saw 10 parishioners engage in the training process. We have a further 13 who we are hoping to train before June through several smaller sessions, as coordinating a larger groups has proved to be more difficult than we first thought!

The discussion then moved on to where  the project was currently and what has been achieved so far. A large flip chart showed a pleasing number of interested people and project ideas, having then mapped these out we discussed how to reach out to more parishioners and decided to start approaching parish groups – going to meet with them and listen to them as groups with follow up with individuals as required.

A positive session for both of us with goals and outcomes set to continue moving the project forward.



  1. It was a great session though and to see how much we have achieved so far!

    Can we create an interactive map of people and projects?

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