Posted by: Caroline Hirst | June 27, 2011

Meeting regarding a youth project 21.06.2011

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On Tuesday evening, a group of young people and their parents turned out for what became an interesting, lively and action based discussion about the needs of the younger members of the Holy Trinity community.

We started the evening with an exercise where people chose a photograph from a wide selection that meant sometthing to them. They then entered into one to one discusions about the reasons they chose the image they did. This exercise started the listening and trust building process. Whilst walking around taking pictures and listening to what people were saying it soon became clear that all those present enjoyed having a voice and being heard. One young person stated that, ‘It was brilliant to be able to express my feelings’. One parent also said, ‘I didn’t expect him [her son] to choose that image!’.

The session then merged into larger groups to discuss Newark and people’s views, one thing became quite clear that there was a definite need for something for younger members of the Parish to do and be part of. Along with other issues of police presence, or lack of it and a concern for the lack of community events that Newark offers as a whole.

Once back in the full group discussion quickly turned to the suggestion of an “open evening” for families at the Centre, where people could go and know that there would be facilities available for them; the bar, pool table tennis table, sports on the field in fact even just somewhere to meet and catch up. This in turn led to conversation about a youth group which the adults believed would meet the needs of young people. The young people responded by stating that a ‘youth group’ was not what they wanted and would not  get a lot of interest as it indicated control and rules. Although it was agreed that there needed to be boundaries (simple polite and socially acceptable behaviour!) it needed to be a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which gave people the freedom to enjoy themselves.




  1. Youth groups are old hat it is true! Why don’t we get a little group together to do some research intop other areas and see what they’re doing?

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