Posted by: nickgardham | July 13, 2011

Sconce Fest 2011 – Listening amongst the crowds…

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On Sunday a team of Parish listeners organised to attend Sconce Fest (a local summer festival) to start to promote the Neighbourhood Challenge… and as you can see from the photos, what a great day it was too! And the weather held out, almost!

Sconce Fest presented an opportunity to reach out to new people from across Newark and start to sow the seeds for people to think about ways they can become the catalysts for change in their area. Armed with Listening Matters pads, Follow Up forms and ICARUS surveys the team went out to listen. For some of the team who had not been out listening ‘in the field’ before it was an enlightening experience – the opportunity to engage with fellow residents in a new way created a sense of excitement – and as one person put it, “it’s really great to imagine now what’s going to happen!”.

In three hours over 40 1:1s were completed and 100s of statements were obtained with regards to people’s deep thoughts, feelings and reflections on Newark. Actions were agreed from everyone about how they can get involved with local activity; people promised to explore setting up projects, to become more involved with community forums, joining the online network, volunteering and voting.




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