Posted by: donnayeomans | July 26, 2011

Sconce Fest, listening stall my first listening experience!

It was just how Nick said it would be, all you need to do is let people approach you and then encourage them to talk, while you listen.

One guy arrived with his wife and said “there is no point saying anything, nobody ever listens”..…To which I replied “well I’m here to listen to you, what do you want to say”?  From being unconvinced about talking to people I managed to get the man to talk and he told me that he would very much like regular groups to meet up with the local residents to discuss matters that are concerning them! We exchanged contact details so we could keep him informed if there was anything in particular that he would be interested in and he could see what we were doing on the website.

It was a good day, nice weather and a lot more people were interested than some people had thought. I had been told that people wouldn’t be interested in doing something like that on a family fun day, but all sorts of ages approached the stall and made comments on the sheets and had something to say. There was a young boy with his Dad (aged around 9 years old) who wouldn’t let his Dad go until he had written on the board that he wanted a skate park near where he lived.

I really enjoyed myself. Actually getting out there and listening to people and getting them to open up to me. I can’t wait to go out and do it again.



  1. Great blog post! And glad you had a great day!
    We are planning more listening events like this to go alongside the door-to-door work…
    Let us know when you want to join!

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