Posted by: alexbrompton | July 29, 2011

It’s All About The Ears

Well here I am sat reflecting on my first couple of weeks as an animator and I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the willingness of people to speak not only of their concerns and issues but of there, dreams visions and aspirations for their communities too.

So far with the help of the listening matters guru, Nick. I have met some very interesting people with great vision and passion.

The Hi Lites

My first port of call was a block of flats, the first thing I noticed was that the door was very heavy and the communal staircase had been badly repaired after some damage left by workmen. We talked to several tenants in that block who have faced issues ranging from lack of reasonably priced activities for their children through to noise aggravation and telephone cables being cut. But the one thing that struck me was that on the whole there were positives and 2 ladies in particular who were passionate about meeting with others to discuss these issues. Was also great to see the 10-year-old boy helping his mum by carrying the weekly shopping up 4 flights of stairs (although no sure the crisps were in a great state by the time they were unpacked)

Next was a venture onto an estate to start listening. Here I spoke to a number of young people who although not yet passionate talking to each other were very forthcoming in expressing views about where they live. Including the recently closed youth club, the state of the roads and the issues they saw around drug addiction and alcoholism.

So am I still excited by the prospect of listening to gain an understanding and then supporting people to move to action. The answer is most definitely an unreserved yes.

So all in all a lot to think about and more than several bucket loads of listening to do. I shall leave you with this thought.

“Effective questioning brings insight, which fuels curiosity, which cultivates wisdom.”

— Chip Bell

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