Posted by: Caroline Hirst | September 19, 2011

Family Friday’s, a huge SUCCESS!!!!

On Friday 5th August a group of volunteers arrived at the Community Centre a little apprehensive but very excited, waiting to see what the opening night of  Family Friday’s would hold.

It turned out that well over 50 people came down to the centre and the atmosphere was brilliant. Young people were out playing games on the field, people were playing table tennis and pool. The hot dogs were very well received and tasted great (so I am told) and the tuck shop also went down brilliantly with old and young alike! Adults were catching up with one another and young people were either joining in with their families, playing games or sitting having their own conversations. It was fantastic to see people interacting together so freely and the concerns about ages and parents being around appeared to be unfounded as a good time was had by all.

At 9.00pm it was time for the quiz and as families and friends gathered round tables our quiz master Sally took to the microphone. There was much hilarity at some of the questions and conversation during them. The bar team in particular got quite a few giggles when it came to marking their answers and occasionally forgetting not to shout out the answers!! The winners of the quiz were Marie Hinch and her team and she kindly put her winnings into the tuck shop pot along with other anonymous donations to help with the continuation of the tuck shop.

There were people of all ages there from under 5’s to over 60’s and the interactions were wonderful to see. Several people remarked on the night and since how surprised at the numbers and the success of the evening. All we can hope is that Family Fridays continue to grow and develop. When term time starts up hopefully the word will start to spread and that  even more people will interested in coming and seeing what is on offer of Family Friday’s down at Holy Trinity Community and Partnership Centre.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to everyone who came and supported the opening night it wouldn’t have happened without you, and we look forward to seeing you all again!!



  1. I met Fr Michael and he was telling me about the listening project, and the success of the family night. I’m posting about this tomorrow at:
    Do share any thoughts in my comment box. I’d love to know more about how the idea came about and how the families responded.
    Fr Stephen Wang

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