Posted by: alexbrompton | September 20, 2011

In The Market For Listening

Sat outside on a warm July day(that narrows it down). It was decided that we should get into the Market place and listen to lots of people. Now forward on to a not quite so warm and sunny September and we are there with our stall set out and ready to go.

The times of listening are interrupted by gusts of wind, rain showers and flying picture cards. But despite these untimely distractions we have learned that people are passionate about the Market place, the architecture and the people around them.

We also heard about a great project that is supporting those who cannot meet the costs of doing things like D of E awards etc. Brilliant

In conclusion these listening sessions were invaluable but I can’t help thinking that the nicer the day the more likely we are to converse with people in greater numbers.

Yet another few degrees covered on the learning curve that is Community Animation. I shall be writing again very soon and letting you know what I have been up to.



  1. Hi – this is Jenny from Lower Green Neighbourhood Challenge. I’d be interested to know about the project u mentioned that supports those who can’t afford doing DoE awards, etc.

    You’ve inspired me to sit in the Lower Green equivalent of your market place – outside the local cafe (weather permitting). Look forward to catching up with your project and the others at the Birmingham event.

    • Hi. We are still learning more about that particular project but will keep you posted.

      I hope things are going well in your work. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to. see you in Birmingham

  2. Great stuff Alex! Coming at this a bit late prompted by an inquiry from other Community Organisers. listening events are brilliant addons – not a substitute i hasten to add – to the door to door approach. If you can get inside the shop, shopping centre, or covered market it’s definitely more comfortable for listeners and listenees. Get the manager into a 1-2-1 and tap into the corporate interest in reaching customers and supporting the local economy! Trust respect and relationships are the foundation for real sustainable communities. Good relationships are good for business – dialogue about ethical business practice or local economic development can develop when businesses have a stake in the community and communities assert their values alongside their buying power as customers! Occupation is one way and not the only way to challenge corporate behaviour! Listening is a great way to find both common ground to build on and common concerns to expose and tackle.

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