Posted by: alexabellingham | January 6, 2012

New Year, New Start

Traditionally the New Year is a time for reflecting over the previous 365 days and looking towards the coming ones, and it is clear that a lot has happened in Newark over the last year.

I am delighted to join the Newark team full time as of this year and having looked at the timeline that we pieced together yesterday and today, what a lot has been achieved already in this project!  From Family Fridays, to 1:1 support, from gig nights to football clubs, this project has truly shown very fast development, as well as the breaking down of barriers within the community.

The weekend before Christmas I was incredibly lucky to visit a Family Friday night at the centre, a night that saw over 70 people in attendance.  The variety of people there was incredible, from very young children, right through to parishioners in their 70s, this project,  developed from RE:generate’s Root Solution Listening Matters Process and from the enthusiasm, drive and vision of parishioners, has crossed generational divides, brought together members of the eastern european community with the parish community and engaged new volunteers.  As somewhat of an outsider, although I have sporadically been involved with the work here in Newark, I felt so welcomed into the community.

Now, as we approach the final few weeks of the first phase of RE:generate’s work in Newark, its full steam ahead with new project ideas developing every day, new volunteers, customers, leaders and entrepreurs emerging all the time.  I am looking forward to working with the team here, and learning all about this beautiful and historical town, and the people that live here!


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