Posted by: alexabellingham | January 27, 2012

Reflections and Planning

As the “One Year Anniversay” of this project draws nearer, we have started to plan the next steps on how this work continues.  We use the phrase “One Year Anniversay” for the very good reason that although the Neighbourhood challenge phase of this project is coming to an end, this project will not end, the impact that volunteers and leaders identified and nurtured will not end.

This was highlighted on Wednesday when a meeting with Richard Piper from NCVO, the Management Team, Project leaders, Volunteers and listeners came together to reflect a little on the project so far, and where we are heading from here.

Facilitated by Richard, this meeting encouraged to think of the strengths of the project so far as well as the weaknesses and got us to think in depth about where the project will go from here.  Leaders shared stories about the projects they have been involved with, such as the youth project, developed directly through the Root Solution Listening Matters process in North Muskham, we learned of the successes of the Family Fridays drawing together parishioners and non parishioners.  We also found about the support of the Listening Ear project which is helping parishioners to deal with loss and the energy of young people on Yorke Drive setting up a their own football club.

As many of the projects are self financing, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that these projects will continue beyond the life of the Neighbourhood Challenge project.  A Parish Listening Team has been established which will ensure that the Listening will continue in the Parish community and the wider community. So, looking forward to the future of this project, we will bring leaders together and build a strong team to take this project forward.


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