Posted by: alexbrompton | February 9, 2012

January Update

ImageWhat a great month we have had. We are beginning to see signs of some great new emergent projects as well as continuing to support those that are already running.

What’s been Happening

In January we have seen the start of the football project, The planning of our Newark Extreme (ideas factory event to take place in February. Watch this space for news on that. We are expecting some new leaders and great project emerging from that event.

A furniture project in Newark started by someone we listened last October is taking shape so we are supporting the launch and marketing of that project through the training of the leader to listen to others.

We are also very excited to have been involved in the early development stages of a Community Cafe based right in the heart of Hawtonville Estate. We are going to train the staff in the local charity store to listen to those people in the area to see if there is a market for such a Cafe. 

We have also been planning for our first listening session in a local secondary school so we are very excited about that.

Last but certainly not least was the visit we had from Richard Piper from NCVO, who facilitated a great discussion involving representatives from all partners involved in the project. There is a picture from that session in an earlier blog.


This month has been very interesting in terms of listening and projects. I think that the biggest lesson from this month is that you can’t hurry people into starting projects. We are just now seeing more and more project ideas coming to fruition.

My Key phrase to remember going forward is definitely ” be patient and trust th process”


Have we had an easy month? No. Definetly not. We have had a couple of problems arround the quality of communications this last month to which I will shoulder my portion of the blame. The second phrase to remember was “proof read it again”

Shout it Loud

Most proud of moment of the month goes to this quote from one of the guys on Yorke Drive who attends the football project. ” I would just be at home smoking weed if I wasn’t here”


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