Posted by: alexabellingham | February 15, 2012

RE:generate goes back to school

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Well what an amazing and inspirational week last week!

After 10 months working in Newark, we realised that, although we have already reached well over 600 people in the community, we had not been able to reach many of the young people in the Newark area.  With this in mind, Alex and myself spent a week at Magnus School, where we kindly allowed to take over  the Citizenship department for a week.

Based around the Listening Matters questions, we designed the the lessons to be participative and innovative.

As an introduction to listening – Alex brought his drum into each lesson, and this was used as a way encouraging students to listen and respond.   We then worked with the classes to think about what Community means to them, and how they belong to various different communities.

The main focus of the lesson was students listening to each other about the things that are important to them.  The things they love about their communities, the things that concern them, and the things they would like to see change or develop.  They then moved into small groups and wrote , drew or designed their group project plans for their communities which they then presented to the rest of the class.

This was something they really responded to – the freedom to be able to think and develop new ideas for their areas that they will have the opportunity to make happen should they want to, was key to engaging and animate their minds.

From skateparks to dance groups, a spa for young people to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, the young people at Magnus showed true inspiration and vision, and were able really show the positive power of listening.  I can’t wait to work with these young people again to develop their ideas further.




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