Posted by: alexbrompton | March 15, 2012

February Musings

It’s been a while so I thought I should blog again so here it is.

What has been Happening ?

February has been a very busy month and we have seen the emergence of some great new projects and leaders through some of our activities. You may remember in one of my previous blogs that we were planning to spend some time in a local school.

That was a great experience. we got take over the citizenship lessons for years 7, 8 and 9. It has been amazing to see how many of the students recognise us when we are in town. We are in regular contact with some of the students that wanted to develop the ideas for projects that were born out of our discussions in the classroom, It also gave me an opportunity to break out my djembe (a type of african drum) and use it for some listening exercises.

This month also saw the Project incubation programme called Newark Extreme take place where we were able to support and encourage some budding dancers, local education and employment schemes and even the start of an indoor skate park  (just a shame I am a little to old to use it).

February also saw our first session of analysing the listening that has been done. The session was attended by some the leaders of some of the emergent projects, the parish listening team and wider community and was the first of many hours of analysis to take place over the coming months.

Our friends at the Bailey Bridge Charity Shop were trained to listen to the loves and the concerns of those arround them, which in turn will help to increase the interest and activity within the store and influence future plans.




The biggest challenge for this month and will probably be for March aswell is really about time management. There is a lot to do in the last  couple of  stages of the neighbourhood Challenge Project, analysing, writing and recording a song, organising a celebratory event and seeing the beginning of a legacy fund should keep us all busy.

Shout it from the roof tops

The real shout it from the rooftop  moments this month have been the emergence of more projects and the number of people that are currently involved in the analyzing of the listening. It is very encouraging to see the Holy Trinity Parish and the wider community working together on the analysis the results of which will be of great benefit to the whole Newark community





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