Posted by: alexabellingham | June 22, 2012

Update: Muskham Youth

One of the leaders who took part in the Listening Matters training, went back to her area of Muskham and listened to the young people in her area.  She wrote to us a while back updating us on the progress.

 “Why do you come to MYDC?”

Gets us off the streets.  People are nice and friendly

Stops us being accused of things

We help each other.

Helps us to socialise, gets us out of the cold.

Keeps us out of trouble.

It’s safer being in the hall.

I was one of the trouble makers.  I was reported to the police.  Now I’m a helper at the ‘drop-in’, CRB’d and everything.

To eat food.

It’s the only place I can meet my friend in the winter when it’s dark as I’m not allowed out in the dark.  I can’t see him at night since I moved house.

It’s fun with lots to do – otherwise I’d just sit at home.

I go to Tuxford School in September.  I have special needs and I want to make some friends at that school before I go’ so I come here to meet them. 

The Muskham Drop-In Centre was started a few months ago after residents in the village complained about anti-social behaviour around the bus-shelter and on the children’s playground in the evenings.  There were young teenagers involved and also youths in cars using the village roads as a race track.  The police became involved and issued severe warnings.  Hostility grew between the young people and the local residents.

Some of the residents organized a meeting for adults who would be happy to support the young people and try and provide a solution to the problem.  They consequently met with the young people and asked how they could help them.  A safe warm place to meet was the identified as being a key factor in moving things forward.

The Village Hall Committee agreed to the use of the local hall twice a week for 2 hours and some funding was provided from them and two County Councillors. The County Youth Service has also been involved.

Until now the young people, there are 42 on the register, have been quite happy just to meet each week, but now they feel that it would be nice to have some activities arranged.  We have a regular group of adult volunteers who come as supporters, providers and friends to this group of lovely young people.

Organising this will be our next step!


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