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New Classroom – UPDATE!!!! 04.07.2011

Savings on the Contract Price for Holy Trinity Catholic School – New Classroom
A wily Chair of Governors and keen Friends of Holy Trinity School seized the opportunity and removed 160 paving slabs from the school yard prior to the building of the new classroom. A faithful band of helpers can be seen removing the slabs on Saturday 18th June. They are now on sale @£2.50 each to the first bidder. Light fittings from the old building as well as UPVC Sealed units are also being stored for reuse.

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Holy Trinity New Classroom! 22.06.2011

Contract documents were signed on Wednesday 15th June 2011 to enable work on a new classroom which will be ready for the new school year in September.  The attached photographs capture the scene in the staff room with the Headteacher, Mr Barry Doran, the Chair of Governors, Mr Robert Beall, the school Administrator, Mrs Linda Coombes with representative of John Halton Design Ltd, CPA Associates and inquisitive children wondering about the marvels of a manhole in the school yard which will soon become a hive of activity.

The project began in Spring 2010 when the School Governors engaged Mr John Halton of John Halton Design Ltd to draw up a Master Plan for the further development of the school site.  A scheme incorporating a better visual aspect from Boundary road with easier circulatory space allowing for greater capacity in the school hall is a blueprint for repair and maintenance as well as determining spaces for further developments.

GDBS Building Services have agreed to start work on Monday 20th June and complete the task by the end of August.  Two further classrooms will be refurbished during the Summer Holidays.  Kirk & Bills from Newark will carry out this work.


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