People and Projects!

Youth and Family Night at Holy Trinity Community and Partnership Centre.

Vision and Mission

To get the youth of the Parish together with each other and their families by providing facilities for them to use.

Keeping people together post-primary school when children move away to different schools.

Overview of Youth and Family Night

A social gathering with activities for families and young people; pool, table tennis, wii, sports on the field, music night, quiz night, talent night, film/football night.

With tea and coffee facilities and the bar if possible.


There is currently a gap within our community for a project like this one, we want to develop community cohesion. We want to build on what we already have and make it better.

Vision for 1 year

We want to be able to provide regularity, guarantee it will be open every week (taking prior bookings into account), we would like to see more people involved at the meeting and organising stage, more volunteers coming through. We want to see families and young people using it regularly to meet with each other.

Vision for 5 years

We would want there to be new people emerging to take over or get involved in running the evening, we would hope that it would be a regular place for families in the Parish to meet and for young people to meet with their friends.


Day and time: Friday evening 7.30-10.30

Ages:16 yrs and over can come unaccompanied

16 and under have to come with their family or someone else’s family.

There will be responsible adults/points of contact present each week

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