The project

The Pastoral Team’s Challenge: To find a way to reach out to people and engage them in community building activities that will develop confidence, skills, leadership and potential to bring about changes and improvements that members of the Holy Trinity Parish, the Partnership and the wider neighbourhood need and want.

The idea: To learn more about the RE;generate charity’s particular “Root Solution Listening Matters” approach to building community and encouraging social interaction – and try it out in different settings and with different groups in the parish community and surrounding neighbourhood!

The Opportunity: To buld on the the skills, experience, connections and insights of people in the Holy Trinity Parish Partnership by working with a Charity whose team have a track record of community animation. The RE:generate listening process motivates and supportsindividuals to come together to name and tackle the root causes of difficulties and problems they experience in their lives and communities – and change things for the better. More information here:

What’s different about Regenerate: RE:generate teaches people how to listen in a particular way – one to one – to build trust, respect and relationships within the local and in the wider community. From this foundation they find and support individuals prepared to take action on things that matter. Networks of individuals and organisations start to get involved, active and creative – hidden community talents and resources are released, behaviours change and individual and community well being improves.  The work impacts on the social, cultural, economic, political and environmental aspects of life – with often amazing results. More information here: and; and to find out more about Regenerate’s Training for Transformation approach:

The Neighbourhood Challenge Project – what to expect: In a year’s time there will be a team of trained listeners actively engaged in animating their communities – and finding new people who want to join in helping to shape parish and community plans and services.  Many people will say that their lives and communities have changed through action that started with the simple question: “what do you love about where you live?”

One of REgenerate’s experienced animators, Nick Gardham, will lead the team working on the ground. Based in the Parish Centre He will start the listening in the Hawtonville neighbourhood and the parish community. He will be looking out for local people and parishioners who want to be more involved and learn about what they do.  RE:generate’s training and senior management team will be on hand to provide training and development support, and a reflective overview. Fr Michael and members of the pastoral team will be working closely with RE:generate to guide, support, monitor progress and link the project to local business, faith and voluntary sector networks and local strategic partnerships.  The funder, NESTA will also be involved as they want to learn about the process, the results and whether this approach can be applied nationally. They have appointed two national organisations – NCVO and Icarus – to provide organisational support and evaluation services. Follow and comment on:

The money awarded (£150,000) will mainly be used for staff working on the ground – some of whom will be local people. Money will also be used for training, evaluation, project management and administration and for project costs such as hire of premises, essential equipment and communications. Full details and a copy of the application will be posted on the website soon, or ask Fr. Michael or members of the Pastoral Team to see a printed copy.


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