The training programme – an introduction

Do you want to explore the way you look at our world?

Do you want to help build your community?

Then Training for Transformation is for you!!

A Training for Transformation course is being planned to take place over the coming winter months. It will be facilitated by experienced people from the RE:generate Trust. The course will be a mixture of facilitated events, participant ‘house’ group meetings and individual action.

So ……

What is it?

It is based on the teachings of Paulo Freire and has it roots deep in the Townships and Communities of South America and South Africa. It has been used in the UK and Ireland for over ten years.

Who is it for?

Those who have been involved in the Listening Matters process and anyone who wishes to look at themselves in relation to the parish and/or their own community and the wider community in the context of community animation. It is designed to take further what people have learnt and their experiences of Listening on the ground.

Why do it?

It animates and builds enthusiastic and committed communities.

Participants will be given opportunities to explore the impact of their actions at a personal, local and wider society level. It will help maintain the momentum which has resulted from the listening and trust building which has been going on in and around the parish. It will help people to think how best to take their ideas and plans forward for the benefit of the parish and the community.

What will participants be doing?

Participants will explore human relations, organisational development and social analysis in the light of the principles and methods of Paulo Freire and the concepts and theology of transformation. They will also put learning into practice by working on aspects of the Holy Trinity project or their own project idea.

What is the programme schedule?

There will be four Learning Blocks held on Friday Evenings and Saturdays during the day:

Block 1 – 21st and 22nd October
Introduction, working in groups, facilitation skills

Block 2 – 11th and 12th November
Leadership, decision making, dealing with conflict

Block 3 – 27th and 28th January
Participation and power

Block 4 – 24th and 25th February
Social Analysis and Taking Action

Four House Group meetings:
Groups, times and venues organised by the participants.

Project work between meetings

And finally a Celebration on 16th March 2012

For more information contact Nick Gardham or Tony Prior

Nick Gardham:

Tony Prior:


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